Sunday, January 10, 2016

Which University Suits You Best?

Which University Suits You Best?

mohid_uniFirst of all, I’d say ‘no offense’ to all the people studying in the universities mentioned below. This is just an article to help people choose the university that suits them. Each one has its own place in its own field.
After all the F.Sc. crap, and going through the tough ordeals of entry tests, comes the greatest test of all. A choice. A simple choice. Tough apparently it seems simple; it’s not.
You may have heard “Don’t let the university choose you, let yourself choose the university“. If you haven’t heard that, then don’t panic. Because this was something my mother used to say 😆 . Jokes apart, this saying is actually right. Only some children, who are lucky enough, have this privilege. And if you are the lucky one (i.e. you have been selected in all the universities and in your desired fields), then firstly, pat yourself on the back for a job well done because there’s no joy more than this (for you are officially awesome!), and secondly start thinking about where you want to go. And believe me it’s, as I say, “zindagi maut ka sawal” (question of life and death) 😛
Here is an article that’ll help you select the university according to your preference.


Top of the rankings, PIEAS will surely catch your eye due to its accomplishments. A well known university mostly known for its Masters in Nuclear Engineering (the only university to do so) due to its affiliation with PINSTECH. It has a great Bachelors programme in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering though the admission criteria is tough as it selects only almost 200 students, 100 per field approx. Hence a good option but PIEAS relatively doesn’t have that much of extracurricular activities. More of a nerd zone if you ask me. It has a small study circle, no social zone. So if you’re up to studying all the time, then this place is for you!


Ah! GIKI. It was at the top of my priority list. A place located in Topi (KPK), is well reputed for its Bachelors programme in Mechanical Engineering. It offers one of the best degrees in this field following other fields like Electrical Engineering etc. Socially, it is one of the best universities with occasional events like GIKI Science Symposium, GIMUN, concerts etc. So (a) if you can afford, and (b). want to do Mechanical Engineering; then there’s no better place for you. For Electrical Engineering, better institutions exist.


As you already know, NUST offers a wide range of fields to choose from. It is further divided into schools. For Mechanical Engineering, SMME is upto par with GIKI, hence you can choose either of the two universities. Mechanical programme of EME is good too but according to the latest records, SMME had the highest merit. For Electrical, the prestigious SEECS or EME. For Civil Engineering, NICE though I’ll rate UET better in this regard. CAE for Aeronautical Engineering. NBS for BBA programme though you have better options to choose from like LUMS and IBA etc. SCME for Chemical Engineering, although I’ll rate UET higher again. NUST has a very wide alumni network and an open social circle so you can enjoy what boys call “party scene” along with the studies. Also, it recently got its degree verified from Washington Accord so NUSTians won’t have to give a test while applying for jobs in America, just to prove they’re a recognized engineer.


Think you are a born programmer? Then these are the universities for you. Ranked first inComputer Science programme and its research, They’ll offer you the best degree there is in CS and Software Engineering. I think they are better in these fields than SEECS, EME, MCS or any other university though others’ opinions may beg to differ. They also have a socially active environment and extracurricular are always supported.


Want to do Aerospace Engineering? IST is the best institution for you in this field, well the ONLY instituition 😛 . Though it also offers Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, but I’d only choose it for this particular field. None-the-less, same active university like the rest and it also has some pretty amazing space records to its name. Like recently it launched iCube into space, Pakistan’s first cubesat satellite.


Well, LUMS is best known for its degree in business administration holding equal ranks with IBA. I’d prefer a BBA degree from any of these universities and after them, NBS, naturally. You know the environment in these… 😆


Pakistan’s well known universities, UETs offer every field of engineering. Mechanical from UET Lahore holds the same status as SMME or GIKI. Electrical from UET Taxila or Lahore is also renowned. Petroleum is only offered by UET Lahore in the whole Pakistan. Civil from UET is also great. Though that little enjoyment part will be lesser, but not totally diminishing. So if you don’t care about looks, then UET is a very good option, and it’s cheap too.


Apart from that, Architecture form NCA is a great option, followed by COMSATS and SADA.
There are other universities offering other fields of engineering but I don’t have knowledge about them. This is all due to some ranking based information and my personal opinions. In the end, the choice is always yours to make. Or where your parents force you! 😀