Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

What basic is necessary in this modern day world is to have rights, or I would say to have that much rights to deliver what you want to say, to express your feelings:


Having "Freedom of Speech" Claws in your constitution is not enough. But the main crux is to obey or more precisely to practise it. Believe me a country in which this thing is not being practised is a country of no use. Even each religion of the world emphasises on equal rights of speech to each and every individual on each scale.Freedom of speech is the backbone of a countries success and vice versa it, when not practised may prove to be the downfall of a countries downfall as well.  

Once you can express what you want to do, only then you can get a chance to deliver or to do what your heart says. So speak it all out, with no hesitation at all. As if you will not express your opinion due to some odd fear you will never be successful in your life can never ever show up of what you are capable of.

So people

Just Express what your heart says!!