Sunday, December 6, 2015

They say, its better to let go, They say its better to just forget about it. To be honest, even i thought that way but in the long run, that doesn't actually help. If you're hurt or somebody did some injustice to you and you don't want to fight back, not because you're weak but maybe because its just not you, then don't just sit around and TRY to forget things. let pain run its course. Let it hurt you even more because that will teach you a lot of valuable lessons and that pain WILL end. Learn to make peace with the memories causing you pain. That is life. YOUR life. try to solve things in a way that suits YOU because we're all different from each other and so our pain is different and the way we choose to deal with it should be different too because what matters is not the first but the last chapters of our life. So smile, laugh, get hurt, forgive and simply love :)