Sunday, December 6, 2015

People say that it's better to tell someone about your problems as it eases the pain, but for me telling someone is like exploding myself up, like the pain would travel with  the people as well. So what to do? keep it in? let it eat me from the inside? Problems that are related to money etc, they go away somehow, but a PROBLEM related to a person, the person you love the most in this entire world, it never kills you, it tortures you but you cant scream, have to hold it ALL in and fake a smile because you know that this sort of problem can never go away! Your heart can never fix on its own. No matter how many advices you take, it remains there! It NEVER leaves you! at least that's how i feel, because for a person like me, getting your heart broken is very easy but to find the one who'll mend it is the hardest thing possible. Not because you cant find that person, but because you choose not to beleieve in that person's existance.